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4-weekly review template
A 4-weekly review template also known as monthly audit form is a best practice used by restaurants or hotels staff in order to check the area of refinement that can be considered for the development of their business and for the smooth running of their operations.

Watch How
The Template Work

Watch How
The Template Work

Why you Should Use This Template?

There are many small problems that can cause big issues for the food business if not identified and resolved in time. These problems often go unnoticed, but they can be easily spotted with a simple review template. It is an easy way to identify any potential issues before they blow up into something big. Therefore, a 4-weekly review template helps the food business owner in keeping track of all details so that nothing slips through the cracks and the food establishment stays on top of its game. This is why; qualizy created this easy to use template for the customers to use as a basis for creating their own custom templates. Also, offer paid options to help the food businesses to stay organized even better.


Always on track
This checklist will help you in keeping the record of improvements that need to be done in the food business


Always on time
Create a checklist and schedule it for your staff to follow


Always compliant
Generate inspection-ready reports and analytics

How this Template Works

4-weekly review template
At any food business a number of tasks being carried out on a daily basis. And it is common for the workers to miss a small duty that can cause a big issue to the food business. Hence, a 4-weekly review template helps the food establishment owner in keeping the record of improvements that need to be done in their business.

An audit is a formal systematic inspection or review of something. Almost every food business needs to do an audit of their kitchen, staff and service in order to maintain a quality product and good reputation every month. And this is not an easy task to do so. Therefore, Qualizy’s 4-weekly review template will help the staff members in maintaining the record of the area of improvements required at their hotel or restaurant.

In other words, a great way to keep track of food business operations and ensure quality services to the customers. This monthly audit form will help the food business owners to have an up-to-date inventory and tracking of their assets. Hence, this audit form will help the accountable employee in collecting data from every month in one place. Also, confirms the food business is running smoothly.

A 4-weekly review template will help the food business owner in reviewing each month what part needs immediate attention-

  • Observe any problem or check whether the same issue occurs in the diary three times or more?
  • Check whether all staff members are following the safe methods
  • Has allergen information been updated to reflect any menu or ingredient changes?
  • Is there any need for equipment change required?
  • Does the cleaning schedule require an update?
  • Have any new suppliers been recorded with contact information?
  • Any extra closing or opening checks required
  • Check if any food complaint received, investigated and reviewed
  • Confirm all probes have calibrated in the last 4 weeks and results recorded

To sum up, a 4-weekly review template gives the workers an opportunity to look back at previous weeks and identify any persistent problems. And write down all the details and inform the managers so that they can decide how to tackle them. For this, proper training shall be provided to all the staff members on the safe methods that need to be followed.

  • Easy to use
  • Created by industry experts
  • Exportable report in PDF, CSV and Excel
  • Fully-customizable and 100% approved

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