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December 7, 2019
Cedric Seguela

Why would you use a cleaning schedule?

A cleaning schedule in a restaurant kitchen is mandatory piece of documentation. It allows to implement routine processes for cleaning and maintaining your premises in pristine condition.

This is also a great management and monitoring tool.

A cleaning schedule must contain the following :

  • What needs to be cleaned
  • Who needs to do it
  • When
  • Method
  • Cleaning product
  • Precaution ( PPE etc..)
  • Who checks it

While a cleaning schedule needs to be customised to suit your needs and your operation, there are things that are commun to every business.

This also something very easy to audit during inspections.

The schedule should be built in such a way that it doesn’t become counter-productive.

You should only list the essentials and avoid creating overwhelming lists.

Don’t worry, we have created one that’s ready to use 😉

Use this template right now

Head to the public library page

Select the cleaning schedule template

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Structure of the cleaning schedule

The schedule comprises 4 different pages each corresponding to a different area

  • Main kitchen
  • Veg prep area
  • Dishwasher area
  • Pot wash area

Each area comprises several items which require to be cleaned on a daily basis

Instructions field

In a cleaning schedule, instruction must be given, so that your staff know what the expected outcome is.

It also needs to include the method and precaution to be applied.

In this schedule, we have already entered these for you.

Use this template right now

Failed answers

A failed answer will send you and your team a notification and will also be noted in red in the reports, so that you can clearly see if something went wrong.

Mandatory fields

Mandatory fields are field that are required in order to the task to show as complete.

Tasks that haven’t been fully completed are logged in the overdue section of the dashboard

How do I log the data?

A cleaning schedule is a routine task, so after checked and perhaps modifying the template, you will need to schedule it. Once scheduled it will show in the dashboard of the relevant team. You can log the data in just a few clicks

Where do I find the data in case of an inspection?

The data in stored in comprehensive, filterable lists in the report section. You can also export lists in PDF format.

You can also invite auditors to audit your data remotely. For that, just invite them into the app, and allocate them the auditor permission.

The auditor permission allows to see the reports without been able to modify anything.

Use this template right now


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