Controlling COVID-19 in food delivery and takeaway services

March 27, 2020
Cedric Seguela

Food safety tips for food deliveries and pick-up services during Covid-19

Steve Pepper from Steve Pepper Training Associates explains how the virus spreads and we can control it while preparing and serving food for delivery and pick up services.

Steve Pepper

UK Food safety trainer

 Steve Pepper is a food safety trainer and consultant who started in 1970 as a washer up at a small cafe in Bridlington UK.

He moved on to become a commis, a chef, head chef and eventually a Catering Manager in the NHS in 1989. For the last 30 years he has been teaching food and health and safety up to and including Level 4.

More recently he has turned his attention to doing some more academic work in the food safety sector and delivering a 2 day CPD masterclass course.

Officially he retires in July 2020 but somehow we think he will be continuing to do more research and also continue to contribute to his 2 Facebook groups “Food Safety UK” and “Health and Safety UK”

He has written a book on food safety management, which is on his website as a free download

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