Day dot system and food stock rotation

May 19, 2021
Cedric Seguela

Do you want to learn about a system that will help you save money and reduce food waste in your kitchen? If so, then read this blog post!

Food operators often struggle with the day dot system because it is confusing. In our guide on day dotting and stock rotation, we’ll discuss how to implement these systems in a clear way.

This article will also teach you how to create labels for your food using Qualizy automated labelling system

There are so many benefits to having a food rotation system in place. Not only does the legislation require proper labeling and dating of food products, but it can help you save money, reduce food waste, and stay organized.

It organizes stock and inventory

Day dotting is a system in which slash marks are drawn on product containers to indicate the day of use. It can help you organize your stock and inventory, so it’s worth investing in these labels. Day dots should be applied at eye level or near the top of the container next to an easily visible indicator such as a bar code or date sticker. You will also need to do some planning for food storage space before implementing this new labeling process, but that just means taking time steps ahead of time!

Reduce food waste and control kitchen costs.

Reducing food waste is so critical for reducing kitchen costs, and day dotting can help you do that. If inventory is not rotated on a consistent basis, food may go to waste before it expires. It’s also important for chefs to rotate storage in the refrigerator because fresh products are stored at the front of the fridge while items used less frequently or with shorter shelf lives move towards the back

Day Dots:

– Containers should be labeled at eye level or near top of container next to an easily visible indicator such as bar code sticker or date label

– Day dots should be applied when product first enters stock rotation system so staff know which containers need to be rotated first

– Day dots allow chef/operator to visually see what needs rotating now vs later

Have confidence in your food items

So you know you’re able to offer your customers fresh ingredients, no matter what state they come in. But what about the old food that’s sitting back there while potential new stock arrives?

We have all been guilty at some point or another of forgetting about an item on our fridge and letting it go bad, only then realizing we should be rotating our stock more often.

The first consideration for storage efficiency is “day dot” labeling which allows staff members to see which containers need more attention without opening them up. A good rule of thumb when applying a day dot label is placing it next to either a barcode sticker or date labeled container near eye level as opposed

Prevent foodborne illnesses

To prevent foodborne illnesses, it is important to properly store and rotate your stock. Food should be stored at a temperature below 41 degrees Fahrenheit for the entirety of its shelf life.

This can sometimes be difficult when you are trying to maintain an accurate inventory count in smaller refrigerators with limited space or quickly cook through high volume dishes such as sushi and tartar sauce that have expiration dates only hours apart from each other.

Food Stock rotation is a requirement by law

When storing food, it is imperative to abide by the law. Food stock rotation labels are required in order for your refrigerator or freezer and storage system to be legal. This includes day dot labels which designate how long a container can remain unopened before adding new stock of that same kind

– Refrigerator with doors: One layer deep; no more than two containers high at any given time

– Deep freeze/chest type refrigeration unit: Four layers deep; no more than four containers high at any given time

Day dots on these stickers will help you maintain an accurate inventory count while also ensuring that you follow proper food safety guidelines. When using day dot labelling systems, always place the newest supply as close to eye level as possible

Choose your type of label:

– You can print these labels on your own printer or you can order them from a company like Food Safety Resource Center, Inc

– The day dot stickers come in white and are adhesive backed. They have a space for the date filled out with black ink which is easily erasable as needed. If you want to use an existing label just make sure that it’s large enough!

Quality labelling is automated and contains everything you need like creation date, expiration date, who last touched the product and a list of allergens types.

QR code gives you access to the entire internal traceability of a given food item.

While using these labels, you can log data on the fly without typing into your phone, just flash the code and log data.

Qualizy day dotting and label printing feature works with any dedicated label printers, however we recommend using the wireless Brother 810w. This is a tabletop small and convenient way to print labels quickly.

If you are ready to embrace better food traceability and ensure that you are day dotting and quality labeling your product, then create a Qualizy account, and you will be ready to protect your stocks in minutes.

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