Digital food safety solution to improve efficiency and food safety scores

August 22, 2021
Cedric Seguela

The digital food safety solution allows for digital records and certification of compliance, digital know-how on best practices, digital hygiene and temperature log tracking and so much more.

Digital solution provides digital information that helps speed up reporting, improve inspection scores and help prevent foodborne illness. The digital solution also provides digital compliance reports and digital records as well as digital training on best practices. It is digital, digital and more digital!

The digital solution also provides digital benefits with the digital documentation on how to avoid food waste through proper storage, any certification or qualification of staff; digital knowledge about new regulations for safety in food production, marketing and sales as well as trends that are currently affecting your industry and so much more.

Automated temperature monitoring

Record fridge and freezer temperature automatically using digital temperature monitoring equipment to ensure digital compliance. These devices, once set up, take care of tracking temperature remotely without any input from you

This allows you to spend your time on other aspects of food safety rather than manual data entry.

Automated compliance report, ready for inspection

The digital solution will generate digital compliance reports for you so they are ready when an inspection comes up. The digital software also generates digital records of all mandatory logs, training completed or digital certification of staff, maintaining the digital flow of information from management to employees to prove that the right actions were taken and your digital organization maintains food safety standards.

Automated digital reporting

The digital solution will also provide digital record-keeping of all necessary records, digital timelines and digital proof of good practices. These digital solutions allow you to ensure that customers receive a safe food product through digital hands-on monitoring and logging: the digital way!

Fast and easy recording from any devise.

With digital food safety software, you can record digital data from any digital devise that is internet enabled. With this new type of software, professionals are saving up to 67% in comparison to pen and paper while eliminating the risk of manual errors that comes with digitizing records.

Access your data even if you are not in the premises.

With digital data storage, you can access your digital records from any digital device that is connected to the internet. You will not be dependent on being in your physical office and having to use paper records if you have digital software.

Easy task monitoring to make sure your employees are on track with their daily activities.

The digital solution helps you to monitor digital tasks automatically. The digital solution can send digital alerts of incomplete digital activities so that you know when to follow up with employees or another digital team member. This way, records are always up-to-date while reducing the risk of human error that comes with manual data input.

Cheaper than pen and paper!

Pen and paper is more expensive. For one, it takes up much more of your staff’s time to complete their records, leading to a high amount of wasted hours.

Less food waste with use by date notifications.

The digital solution will send digital alerts of expiring food products. Since records are digital, they can be accessed by anyone so these notifications will help to ensure that you use the right food before it gets expired and in turn reduce some amount of food waste.

Try Qualizy for free to digitalize your digital food safety records!


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