14 reasons why you should use Digital Food safety Records for restaurants and food businesses

October 17, 2018
Cedric Seguela

14 reasons why you should switch the HACCP app

Digital food safety records can become an asset at the heart of your food business. Here are 14 reasons why you should ditch your folders and switch to the HACCP app

1. Protect your brand

Take complete control of your food safety and compliance requirements and demonstrate due diligence throughout your processes. Pull up the data and certification you need wherever you are, whenever you need it. 

2. Increase your food safety ratings

Show that food safety is the foundation of your operation. Print logs, codes and allergen labels on demand and store Material Safety Data Sheets in one easy-access location. 

3. Consolidate your food safety culture

Encourage your team to develop strong, consistent food safety habits and to take ownership of processes. Set achievements and milestones, rewarding best practice and eliminating short-cuts. Manage staff, cleaning schedule, pest management and cleaning schedule from a single device. 

4. Reduce risk

Get complete, instant visibility of all risks lurking in your kitchen. Monitor temperature, date/code expiry dates, allergens, checklists, traceability, tasks and schedules from scannable QR codes.

Turn Food Safety into a powerful business asset

5. Save time during inspections

Streamline inspections and reduce disruption by printing out all certification and compliance documentation at the touch of a button. 

6. Leverage multi-site monitoring

Troubleshoot across multiple locations in real-time, responding to alerts and automated notifications before they become problematic. 

7. Conduct remote audits

Set up an automated, customisable timetable for verifying your key processes, from delivery and cleaning schedules to staff management and inventory. When there are no cracks, there’s nothing to slip through.  

8. Customise to suit your needs

Whatever the size and nature of your organisation, you can tailor features to suit your needs. Integrates seamlessly into your operation, from hole-in-the-wall cafes to franchise or industrial kitchens. 

9. Create personalised checklist

You retain complete flexibility to activate the features you need, and assign responsibilities to key members of your team. 

10. Access from multiple devices

Enjoy the benefits of cloud-based storage, allowing you to access the essential data even when you’re on the road. Fit your office into the palm of your hand.  

11. Easy to implement

No hardware installation or technical expertise required. A slick, minimalist design creates a user-friendly experience that even the technical agnostic can master. 

12. Easy to roll out

Scale features to meet the growing needs of your operation. The In-app chat feature is on hand 24/7 your train your team and help them engage with the relevant features. 

13. No need for heavy upfront investment

Take a free trial or start with a basic plan and supplement with more powerful features as you need. 

14. Boost your security and compliance

Your documents are stored in secured servers and data collected according to standard data protection requirements, including GDPR. Service bank operates at 99.9% uptime. 


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