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Dishwasher checklist
This dishwasher checklist will help the food operators in inspecting the dishwasher in regards to its cleanliness and proper functioning. This checklist makes sure that the dishwasher is cleaning and sanitizing the cookware and dishes properly. Also, ensures that you serve your customer on clean crockery.

Watch How
The Template Work

Watch How
The Template Work

Why you Should Use This Template?

All food businesses need to clean and sanitize the dishwashers they use to clean dishes and cookware after every shift. They also need to make sure they do the most thorough job possible. Considering how essential it is to keep their dishwashers clean and safe to prevent foodborne illnesses, food operators need to follow strict food safety protocols at all times. Not only does this help them remain compliant with food safety regulations, but it also helps them to maintain the trust of the consumers have in them. If any food establishment fails to keep their dishwashers clean and sanitized, they may suffer serious repercussions such as heavy fines and lost reputation. Hence, it is wise to have a dishwasher checklist.


Always on track
This checklist will help in keeping the record for the dishwasher maintenance


Always on time
Create a checklist and schedule it for your staff to follow


Always compliant
Generate inspection-ready reports and analytics

How this Template Works

Dishwasher checklist
A daily dishwasher checklist will help in recording the cleanliness and maintenance tasks of the dishwasher. This checklist must be maintained on daily basis and it includes the instructions, temperature check, no. of units cleaned, date and time with the accountable worker’s initials.

A dishwasher is an appliance any food business relies on every day. A dishwasher is a cleaning machine that makes your dish- and glassware sparkling clean on the outside and well sanitized on the inside. However, the food debris, grease and other dishware impurities don’t just magically vanish. Some of it gets flushed away, but a significant amount gets stuck inside the dishwasher. So, it is important to make sure that the staff maintains it properly to keep it working accurately.

Since the worker can’t get clean dishes out of a dirty dishwasher. Hence, regular cleaning is equally important for prolonging the dish machine’s life and having satisfactory cleaning results by providing regular service and maintenance. When cleaning a dishwasher, the smartest way would be to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines stated in the user manual. Similarly, it is significant to have a dishwasher cleaning and maintenance checklist for the staff to follow on daily basis.

Below are some smart hacks for dishwasher cleaning and maintenance checklist-

  • Always remove the food debris from the wash ware before it is placed inside the dishwasher
  • It is advisable to follow the user manual before starting the cleaning task
  • Regularly check the chemical level used in the dishwasher
  • Clean the filter every 20 cycles
  • Regularly inspect the dish racks for any chipping
  • Replace the tank water twice a day
  • Clean the dishwasher from inside on a daily basis
  • De-lime the water feed equipment periodically

In addition, the temperature of water in the dishwasher also plays a vital role. While washing dishes and cookware, the temperature of the water used needs to be 50°C after a minute to make the soap or detergent lathers properly. To sum up, dishwasher temperature checks are a big part of any HACCP plan and demonstrate to environmental health officers that you are safeguarding your customers. If they find there is insufficient hot water on site then there can be 6 figure fines and possible closures. Don’t take any risks on your customer’s health and your own reputation.


  • Easy to use
  • Created by industry experts
  • Exportable report in PDF, CSV and Excel
  • Fully-customizable and 100% approved

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