Easy Restaurant Records Management

Easy Restaurant Records Management

May 9, 2017
Cedric Seguela

Restaurant Records Management

Do you own a restaurant or food related business? If yes then this article is going to solves many of your business problems. Owning a restaurant is fascinating but it is challenging equaling. It is becomes more difficult when it comes keeping record of everything. Restaurant business requires to keep record of many things such as temperature to staff training. Keeping track of so many things and its paper work can be difficult. You might misplace one of the most important paper. Once you mix some documents it takes ages to organize them again. Record keeping is necessary by law. You have to keep many records as required by the government. But keeping the records safely is the main thing.

To help you organize you records and keep them safe, all you need to use is HACCP. HACCP is the app which makes restaurant business easy. It is the record keeping app which saves you documents and keep them confidential. HACCP is an excellent tool for restaurant managers who thrive on data. Use your smartphone or tablet to track your restaurant inventory or cleaning supplies; record weekly employee time sheets; batch QuickBooks invoices; and more.

All forms can be downloaded to any database or spreadsheet format, or exported as a PDF document. Not just record keeping but HACCP also helps you by generating progress reports, setting goals and letting you know how much you have been performing. HACCP app helps you in many fields such as:


HACCP is a restaurant’s go-to inventory management app, integrating all related aspects like sales, order capture, payment processing, and customer relationship management. The beauty of HACCP is that it rolls into one app what you’d normally need several apps to do but without the all-to-common miscommunications, file incompatibilities, and other headaches. Basic inventory management extends to order tracking, sales and delivery management, and product level controls. The app also has bar code support, so you can use your phone to quickly scan products.

Kitchen Management

This app helps you in kitchen as well: outfit all your cooks, chefs, and busboys with Snappy Timer, one of the best Kitchen management apps for restaurant professionals. You can create a bevy of present timers, customized to different tasks or menu items. You can also simplify your kitchen staff training by monitoring the productivity of individuals and your entire team. Training materials and videos will have your kitchen ready for service

Food Safety

Check safe internal cooking temperatures, learn when it is time to throw your leftovers and test your knowledge on kitchen safety. This app helps you for all these things. HACCP app has icons for food groups, which click through to subgroups that focus on safety issues such as hygiene, time and temperature and cross contamination. The app can cover standard operating procedures, kitchen inspections and order entry. The app also can be designed to help restaurants comply with inspections and prepare for audits and certifications. A manager could go through a list of things to analyze the data to see where improvements are needed.


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