Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Food Safety Software for Food Businesses

February 2, 2021
Cedric Seguela

Being able to trace food is the foundation of any successful food operation. Unfortunately, many businesses still utilize archaic processes and practices when it comes to food safety instead of opting for food safety & quality software. Many still keep their data in old Excel documents with not-so-secure computer systems. The solution is simple– invest in food safety and quality management software, or be left in the dust by competition and put at risk of food safety problems in the future.

Business owners in the food and restaurant sector know all too well the importance of food safety compliance– especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. So many different things need to be tracked, monitoring, managed, and handled in a way that ensures all food items are safe for consumer consumption. Traditionally, the tactics business owners would use were very much analog and very much time-consuming.

In this article, we will break down ten major reasons why your business should be utilizing food safety traceability software for compliance purposes.

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Food Safety Software for Food Businesses

1. It keeps staff on track with their daily activity.

In order for food safety to become easy and fluid, it’s vital that your staff is able and willing to use the processes you have set in place for compliance. For many restaurants, food safety processes are obsolete, difficult to keep up with, and difficult to monitor in terms of checking to see if staff are actually using these processes. With food safety software, this becomes so much more manageable. Not only can you use the software itself to check on the activities of your staff, but your staff will appreciate how easy and intuitive it is to use modern user-friendly software– and they’ll be much more likely to actually use it.

2. It’s easy to create powerful checklists.

Checklists are the core of any good food safety program. There’s a reason why the recommended Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HAAZP) system is very checklist-based. Checklists simply work and they’re easy to customize for your unique business’s daily requirements. Checklists also keep your staff on track and are very satisfying to complete. Food safety management software makes it possible to create intuitive, powerful checklists with just a few clicks. No messy Excel data to worry about there.

3. It creates inspection-ready reports.

Food safety management software will supply you with always-available reporting capabilities and functions. Traditionally, food safety reports were hand-written or typed and had to be drafted daily, weekly, and/or monthly. By using specialized software, you can take charge of your incident management by capturing food quality incidents and reporting them to your supplies immediately in real-time. This makes it possible to recoup the costly results of quality incidents. It also makes it easier to track any requests for credit from your suppliers directly with no middle-man or errors to worry about.

4. It helps to be proactive and anticipate inspections.

All food businesses and restaurants have to deal with that dreaded periodic health inspection. This process really shouldn’t be stressful. If your compliance practices are top-tier and regularly followed, then a surprise health inspection should be a walk in the park. For many businesses, though, their compliance practices are unreliable and are not being followed by staff the way they should, which can result in a poor health inspection rating and even fines. With food safety management software, you can stay on top of your daily operations and be better prepared to anticipate health inspections without any stress involved. Food safety software gives users the ability to schedule, manage, and track activities that are part of compliance requirements, from health inspections to corrective measurements.

5. It prevents fabricated data.

If you’re relying on Excel documents or other outdated forms of food safety management, you’re at a greater risk of fabricated data. Staff members who aren’t being managed properly may accidentally or purposefully list certain tasks as performed when they really have not been touched. This can be catastrophic for your business, especially if their actions lead to a food product causing the illness of a customer. Food safety management software is designed to combine management with accurate data tracking to ensure that all points along your checklists are followed accurately, truthfully, and correctly.

6. It’s faster than pen and paper.

Pen and paper may be cheap, but it sure isn’t practical. Tracking all of your daily checklists is almost impossible with pen and paper. It also takes quite a bit of time to do on a daily basis. Food safety management software is designed with speediness and usability in mind. Great food safety systems are highly intuitive and visual, which makes the process of tracking and ticking off different tasks on your checklists a breeze. There’s no need to grab a pen and start writing. Tasks can be checked off with no more than a single tap.

7. It helps with food labeling.

Most food safety management systems are designed to be all-in-one solutions. One common food safety compliance issue is labeling– and luckily, a great piece of software can take care of that issue as well. Many platforms will feature labeling tools to make your printing process much easier. Just as well, the labeling feature is integrated with the food safety management and tracking features of the software. That means that your risk of human errors is significantly reduced and you can effectively maximize your supply chain. You might just be shocked by how easy it is to streamline basic compliance tasks through the use of a good food safety management system.

8. Your business will enjoy greater efficiency.

The main purpose of any business-based digital system is to improve the overall efficiency of how that business operates. It’s no different for the food and restaurant industries, and it’s definitely no different when it comes to food safety management. An excellent management system will make it possible for you and your staff to automate many of the compliance tasks involved in food safety, and that efficiency can be stretched across different levels of your business. Activities are easily tracked via the application, so your data will be available whenever you need it.

9. Temperature monitoring is automated.

Any halfway decent food safety management software will have features in place that are HAACP compliant. The core of this compliance lies in temperature monitoring. Food spoilage is a huge issue– not only can it cause your business to lose thousands of dollars to food waste, but if it ends up on the plate of a customer, you could seriously damage your brand’s reputation and even face a lawsuit. Food management systems will usually be outfitted with continuous digital temperature monitoring algorithms and trackers that you can easily install in your facilities. These monitors will detect any temperature excursions that could be dangerous. And you’ll get all of that data sent right to your phone in real-time.

10. It helps with customer reassurance.

Customers don’t trust brands like they used to. This distrust is even more significant for food brands. Once news begins to spread that your food products caused an illness, your target market will turn their backs on you immediately. Food management systems can help you build a more trustworthy relationship with your customers. At Qualizy, our food safety management system also offers a live QR code that provides a public live stream of compliance data to anyone who wants to view it. Your customers will be able to know firsthand how well you’re doing, which can help build trust between your brand and your customer base.

Revolutionize Your Restaurant’s Compliance and Safety Processes with Qualizy

COVID has really changed the way businesses have to approach food service and safety. Through all the bad in the pandemic, one positive thing has emerged– the opportunity for innovation. The team at Qualizy looked at the needs of food professionals and entrepreneurs in terms of compliance and decided a change needed to be made. For the benefit of consumers and food businesses alike.

Qualizy is a platform that offers food safety software solutions. Our software can take on everything from wireless temperature monitoring to automated inspection-ready reports to whole food safety management plans that are customized for your unique business. We also have the most ethical pricing structure in our industry, so your budget won’t get in the way of compliance and efficiency.

Get started with Qualizy for free and then pay as you go. We bet you won’t be disappointed.

How was our guide to the benefits of restaurant food safety software? Tell us about your experience using this technology at your food business or restaurant in the comments section below.


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