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December 14, 2020
Cedric Seguela

Covid has a huge impact on the food service business economy. Yet, just like in any crisis, there are also opportunities to innovate and come out of this situation with fresh and groundbreaking strategies to make your businesses more efficient.

The pandemic coupled with unpredictable government’s restrictions are bringing a new level of uncertainty. Customers are more cautious than ever when it comes to choosing a restaurant to go to, therefore cleaning, sanitation protocols and implementation of proper SOP’s becomes more important than ever.

Digital solutions can help significantly to regain customer’s trust, train your team and make sure they remain on track with their daily assignments, money should not be a blocking factor to make your business agile and efficient.

When quality and compliance matters as much it does now, you need a partner, not a vendor. In order to reflect that, pricing needs to mirror perfectly your business needs, be lean and as flexible as possible.

For instance, when your restaurant is closed, why would you pay for softwares?  Should you worry about sending emails or letters to pause contracts? Should you close the contract and lose access to your valuable data?

Of course, not. What if you could only pay when you are using the software?

What if the more you use the solution the cheaper it gets?

What if you could open new locations without worrying incremental costs?

What if you could add new team members, get them trained and up to speed without increasing your price per user? 


Introducing…Qualizy – Get started for free then pay-as-you-go

  Pay as you go is a widely used subscription structure for the telecommunication industry and other services alike, yet this is unusual for softwares, nevertheless this is what makes the most.

You pay when you use the product and you don’t pay when you don’t use it. The advantage is that this is 100% value based. Using such a system allows you to win on multiple fronts.

The more you use the Qualizy, the more compliant your business gets, the more successful you will be during audits and inspections and the less the service costs proportionally.

How much does a single log cost?

With price per logs ranging from $0,025 to $0, this is way cheaper than to do the same tasks manually. Qualizy does the work 67% faster than doing the same task manually.  That means that you are instantly saving substantially on labor costs.  

What is the typical price per month?

  A snack with a single user, 10 items in the daily cleaning schedule, 3 fridges and 1 delivery log per day, plus the usual weekly check will use approx. 300 lines of data and the cost for such a business will be $0.

A coffee with 2 users, 12 items in the cleaning schedule, 5 fridges, 2 delivery logs, an opening/closing checklist, plus weekly checks, and fire safety checks will use approximately 900 lines of data per month and that equals to $23.42 per month

A traditional restaurant produces approximately 1200 lines of data per month, that equal to $30.23 per month

A single site medium size collectivity approximately 3000 lines of data per month, that equals to $61.48 per month Due to the degressive price mechanism, this is extremely advantageous for multi-site operations too.

For example: A company with 300 sites sees the cost per log drop to $0,013.

Since the price doesn’t depend on the number of sites, the company can open multiple locations, deploy Qualizy seamlessly and escape the traditional price increment that comes along with a price per site system.

What do you count as a log?

A log is a completed field in a template, for example if you have an audit with 12 questions, you answer 10 of them and leave 2 empty, you will only be charged for 10. If you delete answers, logs will be re-credited back to your account.

How does it work?

 Qualizy has an integrated counter which displays the number of logs used for a given month, so that you can always remain informed of your consumption. 

As soon as you reach the next level in the plan, your price per log drops, so the more you log, the cheaper each log gets.  Keep logging and keep making your business compliant and more efficient. 

Who is it for?

The plans are designed to accommodate any type of food business either you are running a small café or multinational company.

How can I use Qualizy for free?

  That’s easy. We offer 150 logs per referrals.  Let’s assume that you are using 1000 lines of data per month, and you recommend Qualizy to 7 fellow business owners that activate their subscription, you will get 150 x 7 = 750 + 310 logs of the free plan and so you can use the most powerful food safety and compliance solution on the market for free.


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