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How to leverage Food Safety as a Marketing asset?

If you are involved in marketing in the restaurant trade, you might be struggling to come up with a message that resonates to your audience. How do we re-instil confidence with our customers? How do we prove that we are doing everything necessary to protect our...

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The most ethical and logical way to pay for a software

Customers are more cautious than ever when it comes to choosing a food business to go to, therefore cleaning, sanitation protocols and implementation of proper SOP’s becomes more important than ever and you shouldn’t have to compromise on this.

Digital solutions can help significantly to regain customer’s trust, train your team and make sure they remain on track with their daily assignments.

When quality and compliance matters as much it does now, you need a partner, not a vendor. In order to reflect that, pricing needs to mirror perfectly your business needs, be lean and as flexible as possible and that’s what we have created. 

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