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Restaurant opening checklist template
Opening checklist for restaurants plays an important role. With this clear-cut thorough checklist, a restaurant can easily achieve good standards and integrity. This opening checklist also ensures the food you serve is completely safe. Hence, helps in good customer experience.

Watch How
The Template Work

Watch How
The Template Work

Why you Should Use This Template?

A restaurant opening checklist template helps to make sure that your staff completes key tasks before the restaurant is ready to open for service. Use this checklist to remind your staff of what to do and to ensure that they get each task completed. Depending on the staff size, duties can be divided between everyone, or they can rotate. Therefore, smooth operation at your restaurant and to ensure profitability, it is extremely important that your staff members are aware of their responsibilities. And that they're always in sync with each other. Keeping things organized and tidy allows for a more positive experience for customers.


Always on track
This checklist will help you in managing your restaurant at the start of the day.


Always on time
Create opening tasks and schedules for your team to follow


Always complaint
Generate inspection-ready reports and analytics

How this Template Works

Restaurant opening checklist template
This Restaurant Opening Checklist can be used daily by the store manager or shift supervisor before the commencement of operations. Evaluate all restaurant equipment and materials to make sure that they are clean and operational.

This restaurant opening checklist template is used to make sure you have a clear opening procedure for the restaurants. Building out this opening checklist will keep your staff accountable. But most importantly, it creates a highly functional and professional environment. As a result, smooth operation at your restaurant and to ensure profitability, it is extremely important that your staff members are aware of their responsibilities. And that they’re always in sync with each other.

One of the best ways to ensure a high level of performance from your team is to have an opening checklist in place. This is a big part of staff member duties. First, they can make a quick property check for any visible damage. Then they can proceed to go through the restaurant.

Below are some important tasks, which can be complete by the restaurant staff at the start of the day:
  • Your fridges, chilled display equipment and freezers are working properly.
  • Your other equipment (e.g. oven, lights) are working properly.
  • Staff are fit for work and wearing clean work clothes.
  • Food preparation areas are clean and disinfected (work surfaces, equipment, utensils, etc.).
  • There are plenty of handwashing and cleaning materials (soap, paper towels, sanitiser, etc.).
  • Hot running water is available at all sinks and handwash basins.
  • Allocate the respective duties to their staff members
  • Flip the sign on your door from “Closed” to “Open.”

In addition, the daily opening checklist will also ensure the timely opening of the restaurants and quality services to their customer. Above all, these restaurant opening checklists are fully-customizable and the restaurant owners can modify them to reflect their own specific procedures, practices and system. Consequently, they can also use these daily opening checklists to periodically review their operation to determine whether the tasks have been performed correctly, consistent with the procedures and practices they have established.

  • Easy to use
  • Created by industry experts
  • Exportable report in PDF, CSV and Excel
  • Fully-customizable and 100% approved

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