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Sushi rice cooking
A sushi rice cooking template is a simple, easy-to-use tool that ensures consistency in every dish of sushi. With this template, chefs know exactly how much rice they need to cook and what temperature water to use. This will result in better tasting dishes with less wastage.

Watch How
The Template Work

Watch How
The Template Work

Why you Should Use This Template?

If you are planning to make sushi at your restaurant or hotel, then it is very important that you choose the right kind of rice for your rolls. Sushi rice has a different texture and taste than other types of rice, so if not prepared properly can ruin the whole dish. By using our sushi cooking template, you will have perfect sushi every time. Our template makes sure that your rice is cooked perfectly every time while still keeping its flavour intact. We also added an easy to follow recipe guide with instructions on how to roll the best-looking maki in town. Using this template, the food handlers can easily check the perfect temperature and pH level for sushi rice.


Always on track
This checklist will help the chefs in cooking a perfect sushi rice.


Always on time
Create a checklist and schedule it for your staff to follow


Always compliant
Generate inspection-ready reports and analytics

How this Template Works

Sush rice cooking
This innovative sushi rice cooking template is the best of checking the temperature and pH level of sushi rice before or after cooking. As a result, a better tasting sushi dish will be served to the customers with minimal wastage of the rice.

Sushi rice is one of the most important ingredients in sushi. It’s quality will be determined by how well it is cooked and seasoned, which can vary from restaurant to restaurant. Therefore, a sushi rice cooking template will help the chefs with a step by step recipe guide on how to cook delicious sushi rice. In addition, will help in checking the pH level after cooking.

In other words, help the chefs to get started and eliminate any worries about making this delicious Japanese dish. This template makes it easy for everyone to get on board with cooking great food at their restaurants or hotels. As improper cooking of sushi rice can spread serious illnesses among customers. The preparation of sushi rice is different from regular rice.

After the rice is steamed, it is cooled for a short time; seasoned rice vinegar is then mixed in with the cooked rice. It is the responsibility of the sushi chef to check the pH level of the rice using litmus paper or a pH testing monitor. The pH level is recorded in a pH log. This pH log can also act as an audit record for the local health official to check on the safety of the sushi rice.

At Qualizy sushi rice cooking template will record the following checks-

  • Check the pH level of the cooked sushi rice
  • Please note: If it goes lower than 3.8, then the whole batch should be thrown away
  • Inspect whether the cooked sushi rice is soft or not.
  • Likewise, check the flavour

Qualizy has created an innovative sushi rice cooking template for restaurants and hotels. Using this template the chefs know exactly how much rice they need, as well as what temperature water to use. This will ensure that there is consistent quality in every dish of sushi every time.

  • Easy to use
  • Created by industry experts
  • Exportable report in PDF, CSV and Excel
  • Fully-customizable and 100% approved

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