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Toilet cleaning checklist
In a busy food service business like hotels or restaurants, a well-organized restroom cleaning checklist will help in saving time and streamlining the in-house operations. A neat and clean toilet also make sure customers are comfortable and leaves a good impression as well.

Watch How
The Template Work

Watch How
The Template Work

Why you Should Use This Template?

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Toilet cleanliness is very important for all human beings. It is the place where all the germs and bacteria start their attacks on the human body. That is the reason why the toilets need to be sanitized daily. Unclean toilets can affect productivity and can cause various illnesses both to the staff and the customers. Because of this, it is necessary to have a toilet cleaning checklist in the hotels or restaurants in order to stay away from these unwanted troubles. Having a consistent toilet cleaning schedule at your restaurant is important. It will also help in keeping track of when and who last cleaned the restroom. As a result, it will give your customers a good first impression of your restroom.


Always on track
This checklist will help you in keeping the record of your toilet cleaning schedule


Always on time
Create toilet cleaning tasks and schedules for your team to follow


Always complaint
Generate inspection-ready reports and analytics

How this Template Works

Toilet cleaning checklist
This checklist is the usual cleaning regimen that restaurants use to make sure a bathroom is left sanitary and attractive to leave customers feeling comfortable and happy to eat in a food establishment. Hence, this checklist will help in accomplishing the work efficiently without leaving a single corner dirty.

At any hotel or restaurant, restrooms need continuous upkeep. Also, restrooms get more traffic than any other spaces. That is why it is essential to keep them clean and tidy all the time. And it is very difficult for the staff members to maintain a clean restroom as it can be an overwhelming task.

Not only is it time-consuming, but, as a space that gets the most foot traffic. It is also often hard to find time to clean the restroom when patrons are not utilizing it. For this reason, every food business must implement a toilet cleaning checklist. So that employees can streamline the process.

Most importantly, this toilet cleaning checklist will help you turn your bathrooms from grimy to glorious. A general tip to keep in mind during every step is to work your way from the top down – that is, dust the light fixtures and wipe down the countertops before cleaning the floor. This way, any dust or debris that falls will be cleaned up as you work your way down. The only exception to this guideline is the sink, which you should save for last. The following material will be needed to clean the restrooms-

  1. Spray cleaner
  2. Scrub (rag or sponge)
  3. Wiper

At qualizy, a daily toilet cleaning checklist will include the below checks-

  • Clean sinks and countertops
  • Polish metal fixtures
  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean & disinfect baby change tables
  • Scrub & disinfect toilets
  • Clean urinals & replace urinal cakes
  • Empty garbage & sanitary napkin bins
  • Replace toilet paper rolls
  • Refill toilet seat covers
  • Restock hand towels or paper towel dispensers
  • Refill hand soap
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Wipe down walls & stalls

To sum up, restrooms need to be the cleanest area in the restaurant then the kitchen and it should be equally clean and sanitary. Hence, daily care from your employees keeps the toilet fresh and clean around the clock and keeps your guests happy.

  • Easy to use
  • Created by industry experts
  • Exportable report in PDF, CSV and Excel
  • Fully-customizable and 100% approved

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